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Eyelash Extensions

Radiance Beauty Therapy for Ladies specialises in 6D individual eyelash extensions. 6D eyelash extensions are Volume lashes and are much more advanced than using the standard individual lash. There has been great improvement in the last few years as far as individual lashes is concerned, in their application, material, glue etc.

Get Eyelash Extensions, Semi permanent Eyelash Extensions, in Chichester Look Gorgeous with Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions. Lash extensions naturally enhance the beauty of your eyes.

  • Are you Fed up of putting on Mascara all the time?
  • You like Mascara but hate removing it?
  • Are your lashes very small? Do you want to have that Gorgeous look or Cat eye look which draws attention of people? Then Semi-permanent  Eyelash extensions are for you

6D lashes are not cluster lashes but very thin, light weight lashes which are applied with special technique to give your lashes much more fuller and defined lashes. These can be tailored according to the client preference and a regular or more voluminous look can be created. These lashes create a larger bonding area, using lesser glue and long lasting lashes.

“For your eyes only” there are several types of looks which can be created using individual eyelash extensions. You can discuss with Angie which look would you prefer:

  • Natural look
  • Cute look
  • Cat eye look
  • Gorgeous look

There are several patterns of applying these individual lashes to your lashes. A 2 tone eyelash extensions can also be created for a very sexy look.

Angie would be more than happy to guide you what would look good on you as it also depends on what eye shape you have. Below are some of the Lash Extensions looks or styles which you can go for.




Firstly: Choose the Lash Look You Want

Natural Look

This is the most popular eyelash extensions look as it gives a subtle and defined look to your lashes. It is ideal if you do not want your extensions to be noticeable, but still have volume and mild length. We use 8mm lashes inside, 11mm in middle and 9 mm on outer corners.

Cute Look

In the Cute look, we place longer lashes in the centre of the eyes. Smaller length at the outer side and small to medium length on the inner corner of the eyes. This gives a more open eye look and also making them look bigger and more round

Cat Meaow Look

The CAT eye or Meow look, gives a more sexyyy appeal to your eyes. Longer lashes are placed at the corner of the eyes. Inner corner will have small length lashes, centre of the eye will have medium length lashes. This emphasises the width of the eyes and gives an EXOTIC look.

Gorgeous(ESSEX) Look

The GORGEOUS look is for those who want high Volume, Length and Curl in the lashes giving a glamorous look to your eyes.


Secondly: Choose the Volume of the Lash Extensions

6D Fuller Density (Full Set)

6D Individual Lash Extensions give a more fuller look to your lashes (70-90 lashes applied).


£50 (2 Hours) BOOK

Classical Volume (Half Set)

Classic Look lashes giving a less fuller look as they are half set (50-60 lashes applied).


£37 (90 Mins) BOOK

Cluster Lashes

Cluster lashes suitable for an event giving a natural or fuller look as desired


£25 (30 Mins) BOOK

Corner Lashes

Corner Lashes having lashes at the corner of the eyes (40-50 lashes at corners only).


£30 (60 Mins) BOOK

Allure Lashes

Subtle Coloured Lashes are applied, Visually very appealing & further depth to the look


£52 (2 Hours) BOOK

Lash Saver Deal

Look Perfect with this Deal – Full Set Lashes, Eyebrow Shaping, Eyebrow Tinting


£62 (2.5 Hours) BOOK


Lash Maintenance & Take-off

2 Weeks Lash In-fills (45min) £17

Book Now

3 Weeks Lash In-fills (60min) £22

Book Now

4 Weeks Lash In-fills (75min) £27

Book Now

Lash Take Off (30min) £16

Book Now

Lash Take Off & Re-Apply (2.5hr) £63

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Eyelash extensions

Hi Angie - You have done a fantastic job of my Eyebrows and Lashes! Thank you. I will be back to keep them up! I love them!. Tina

Tina Selsey Eyelash Extensions/Eyebrows/Nail Infills 07/09/2017

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