Semipermanent-Mascara-Chichester-Radiance-Beauty-Beauty-therapy-1Semi-permanent Mascara is the latest craze in the wacky world of eyelashes. Semi-permanent Mascara is perfect for active lifestyles, brides, holidays or any special occasions.

Semi-permanent Mascara lasts up to 3 weeks & can be applied straight over lashes or over lash extensions. It gives the lashes a fuller look, adding 50% volume. It also adds to the lengths and curl. The lashes are smudge-resistant & totally waterproof! you can now have the confidence to know that you will still have fresh looking Mascara with no panda eyes.

Feel free to cry with joy or swim in the pool and know that Mascara will not be running down your face.

Patch Test Semi-permanent Mascara £ Free (15 mins)

Full Set (Upper & Lower) Semi-permanent Mascara £20 (50 mins)

Upper Lash Semi-permanent Mascara £17 (40 mins)

Maintenance Mascara Every 2 weeks £14 (30 mins)

Removal Mascara Every 2 weeks £14 (30 mins)

Can Semi permanent mascara damage my eyelashes?

If it is removed properly and you follow the correct after care procedures then no.

My eyelashes are short and patchy will it make any difference?

SEMI PERMANENT MASCARA gives a natural look. People shouldn’t be able to tell whether you have anything done to your lashes, although it can add volume and length.

Do I need to get my Semi permanent mascara removed?

After 2-3 weeks SEMI PERMANENT MASCARA will start to naturally wear off. If you still have access product left on you can get them removed at us, although it will eventually come off on its own, by using oils on the lashes will encourage the product to come of quicker. Please do not be tempted to pick at the product.

How long is my semi permanent mascara and can I have a top up?

It an last up to 2-3 weeks, depending on how you treat it, it is no advised to top up with myscara as it an become clumpy, it is best to remove it then apply fresh application.

Can I apply mascara over my semi permanent mascara?

It is advised to use only water soluble mascara (mascara that is not water proof) as oil based products will weaken the product.

  • For the first 48 hours it is best not to come in contact with any water.
  • Do not use oily products on or around the eyelashes, this includes; make up remover, mascara, eye serum, eye cream, sun tan lotion.
  • It is best to try Avoid hot saunas and steam rooms as well as sunbeds.
  • Water based products should be used around the eyelashes.
  • Do not cover the lashes and try avoiding sleeping on your lashes as this may cause them to overlap.
  • Do not rub your lashes too much and do not pick at them.


I went to Angie before going on my holidays as I did not wanted to have the hassle of applying Mascara while I was away. Thank you Angie for doing a fab job on my lashes and the Semipermanent mascara lasted for 2 weeks. Will book again soon.

Natasha Moore
25, June, 2018

Best Mascara I had

I am so pleased with the Semi-permanent Mascara treatment which I had done by Angie. My lashes looked Fab and it was very handy during my holidays. Bye to Mascara!!

Rebecca Cooper
7, May, 2018
Bognor Regis

Semipermanent Mascara

“I had my Semi-permanent Mascara ‘done by Angie. It really made difference to my eyes, at least no more mascara by me for a while. Great !!”

Rosy Middleton
26, February, 2012