Waxing Intimate-chichester-bikini-wax-west-sussexIntimate waxing covers Brazilian waxing, Hollywood waxing, Bikini waxing and it uses HOT WAX. Intimate waxing is quick, clean and hygienic long lasting hair removal. Keeping regular appointments for waxing means hair regrowth is finer and slower.

Waxing-specialist-Angie-ChichesterAngie specialises in Intimate Waxing. She has received expert training in Intimate Waxing from renowned Waxing Specialist of UK.

So feel relieved and relaxed as for the intimate waxing I use Hot wax which gives less pain and redness and is relatively more comfortable. Before waxing the area to be waxed is cleansed by specially formulated lotion. This is followed by application of hot wax or non-strip wax, to the treatment area for unwanted hair. This wax suits all skin types especially the very sensitive skin. After waxing is completed, soothing lotion rich in Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Thyme & Spearmint is applied.

Hot Waxing

£12 (30min)
Removing hair from Bikini (knicker) area. Hard wax is less painful.
High Bikini
Hot Waxing

£16 (30min)
Removing hair higher than classical Bikini area. Hard wax is less painful.
Hot Waxing

£21 (45min)
Leaves a thick strip of hair running from the top
to your bottom.
Hot Waxing 

£25 (45min)
All Hair off,  except a triangle or rectangle area left at the pubic area.
Hot Waxing

£25 (45min)
All hair Off, but
leaving a thin pencil
line of hair in the
pubic area.
Hot Waxing

£27 (45min)
All hair Off
and also includes
hair from
the buttocks area.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure you get the best results from your hair removal treatment.
First 24 Hours:

It is quite common and perfectly normal to have slight soreness and pimple like small bumps or redness following hair removal these are temporary reactions and should subside within 24-48 hours.
Ensure to keep the area clean and avoid touching.
Avoid applying deodorant, perfume, make-up, fake tan or talc for at least 24 hours.
Avoid wearing tight clothing (such as leggings or tights).
Avoid extreme heat. (Hot baths/showers, steam rooms, saunas and Jacuzzi’s)
No massage treatments.
Avoid exposure to UV light, including sun beds and sunbathing.
Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools.
If skin feels sore then you can apply soothing lotion like Aloe Vera Gel, Tea Tree Oil, Sudo cream or Nappy rash cream or any soothing cream.
Do not touch, pick or itch the area.

After 48 Hours:

Any concerns after 24 hours following your treatment please contact me.

After 1 Week:

If you experience any spots or rashes for more than a week, please consult with your GP.

Avoid Hair Ingrowth:

Ensure you moisturise your skin every day, which will keep the skin supple and help new hairs to break through
Ensure to exfoliate your skin every 4-7 days starting 2-3 days after treatment. For best results try using a dry body brush and gently but firmly brush all over the areas you get waxed.

Achieving Silky Smooth Skin:

If you are new to hair removal treatments you may notice a small amount of re-growth after a week or so. It can take up to 4 treatments to achieve a silky smooth finish. To maintain your smooth appearance, I would recommend regular treatments every 4-6 weeks. Please do not shave or pluck between your appointments.

Intimate Waxing

Angie did my Intimate Waxing and it was such a painless experience. I highly recommend her!

10, December, 2020

Extremely Professional Service

I visited today for a waxing treatment and Angie made me feel incredibly relaxed and did a really great job. She was very professional and honestly made sure there was minimal pain. Highly recommend.

23, September, 2020

Great experience

Angie is warm and friendly and provides a professional salon experience. Very pleased with the waxing I had.

Debs Albon
13, September, 2020

Amazing friendly service

Angie is very friendly and even remembered us after 5 years. The service was very professional yet so relaxed. I had threading and an eyebrow tint and barely shed a tear and my daughter had waxing which is not at all painful for her thick eyebrows but Angie used different products to take this into account and the results are perfect. We will be returning in 3-4 weeks for top ups.

Lisa Gatford
18, October, 2019
Bognor Regis

Hair removal

What can I say…
First time with angie for my first ever hollywood and full professional leg wax rather than the home kits you get.
She was extremely calming and friendly. Was anxious about having such as intimate wax however it was nothing like I thought very professional and didnt feel uncomfy with it.
She did a great job considering I turned into a yetti after 2.5/3 weeks without waxing anywhere!
Doesn’t hurt ladies so get booking!
Already recommended to a lot of people. Loads of services available so get yourself a nice pamper package!!
Will be back
Thank you! Xx

Nicole House
18, July, 2019

Threading and waxing

Best Waxing in Chichester

It was my first appointment with Angie this morning and I was very happy with my results. I shall be returning on a regular basis .
She certainly knows what she’s doing! Thank you Angie see you soon.

Sue Brookes
5, July, 2019

Great Hollywood Wax and Underarm Wax

Waxing in Chichester

This is my second time visiting Angie for waxing.
I have had several experiences with waxing and I have to say she offers some of the most thorough yet painless services. Really pleased with the results and I will definitely only use Angie in the Chichester area 🙂
Thanks a lot!

Ria Joynes
20, June, 2019

Eyebrow threading & Tinting

Had my brows threaded and tinted here today and am very pleased with results. Such a lovely lady, made me feel at ease and explained everything she was doing. Definately be going again…

Jessica Edwards
13, June, 2019


First time I’ve been to visit Angie for waxing. Such a friendly and welcoming lady and can’t fault her waxing skills. Will definitely be returning and trying out a few more of her treatments 🙂

Jenie Parish
31, March, 2019

Best Leg Waxing

Angie was friendly and we chatted easily. I have to say probably one of the best leg waxes I’ve ever had, there was no redness or sticky residue left on my legs just smooth lovely legs.

28, February, 2019


Angie was calm & professional & put me at ease straight away. I can highly recommend her!!

Alison Phillips
28, January, 2019

Very professional treatments

I love going to Angie and being beautified, I have had eyelash extensions, full waxing and a facial and all were great, very professional and she makes me feel welcome and relaxed

Carolyn Vinten
12, December, 2018
West Ashling

Hollywood Waxing


Beckie Manning
29, June, 2018

Intimate Waxing

I have been there twice and am really happy, Angie is professional, experienced and very friendly, a nice relaxing environment, hygiene and the best customer service, Thanks Angie ??

Elnaz Bahmanbeigi
10, August, 2017

Hollywood Wax + Waxing Brows

I had a Hollywood waxing for the first time. I was bit worried but Angie made me feel comfortable and did not have any pain as I had earlier thought. I also had brow waxing and really love the shape of my eyebrows. They look awesome. Will book again.

Ellie Wilkins
19, June, 2017


Amazing experience, had a under arm, full leg and bikini wax done. It was so quick and easy I was out within an hour. Really lovely lady would really recommend to anyone.

Brittany Tidey
24, May, 2017

Brazilian Waxing

Angie made me feel welcome and at ease from the moment I walked in. This was my first ever Brazilian wax. Angie is totally professional and an expert in this field. I am delighted with the result and will definitely re book. Thank you

Cheryl Koiston
23, January, 2017

Hollywood Waxing

Thanks Angie for Hollywood waxing which was great and without any pain. I feel great. Thank you Angie.

Kim Hull
3, December, 2016


Been for another Threading Eyebrows at Angie’s, always go back to her as she is so nice and professional. She always does a brilliant job and takes that little extra time to make sure you’re happy.

Annie Gibson
30, November, 2016

Waxing Hollywood (Hot Waxing)



Thank you for the best and least painful wax ever and for making me feel so at ease and comfortable.I wish I had met you long ago and saved so much pain. Really pleased with results ?

Kay Gallagher
29, November, 2016

Brow Threading & Tinting


My eyebrows now have such an amazing shape thanks to Angie with her threading skills and she took the time to make sure they were tinted perfectly so it would last. Very happy and won’t be going anywhere else for my eyebrows. Thank you Angie!

Fay Goodyear
26, November, 2016

Hollywood Wax

I had a Hollywood Waxing and have awarded it 5 stars.

Helen Young
22, July, 2016

Brazilian Waxing

I had my Brazilian waxing done with Angie. She is brilliant. No pain

Lisa Smith
1, June, 2016

Hollywood Waxing – No Pain!

I went to see Angie for a Hollywood wax. I find it hard to find somewhere that does a Hollywood properly. I found Angie’s website on google and thought I would give her a go as she’s in Chichester. She was brilliant!I have now found my permanent beautician. She made me feel relaxed and there was no pain.

Kapri Homer
11, December, 2015


Angie’s leg waxing is the best. She takes her time and gets everything.  Best leg wax . She’s very professional. Always a pleasure to go there.

Julia M
24, October, 2015

Threading Eyebrows, Shellac Nails

Really careful eyebrow threading, Angie always takes time and care with this…. unlike some others I’ve been to in the past! Shellac nails still looking amazing after two weeks, thank you Angie, it’s always a treat to come and see you in your lovely setup. I’ll be back again soon.

Joe Petch
22, October, 2015

Waxing and Threading

Angie makes you feel at home as soon as you step in the door. Fab threading and waxing

Amanda Entiknap
22, October, 2015

Hollywood Waxing

This is my second visit to see Angie and on both visit the services were extremely fantastic. Very friendly and just massive thank you.

Jade Laver
22, February, 2015

Brow Threading & Waxing


Helpful and friendly and professional

Laura Ashcroft
27, August, 2014

Dermalogica Facial, Brow Waxing

Great Beauty treatments by Angie. Very pleased.

Tracey Flitcroft
27, May, 2013

Henna Tattoo and Waxing

I have had waxing and henna done by Angie and all my experiences have been very positive. She takes into account what I want and puts me at my ease. She’s really friendly and gives a good service. Thank you.

S Hunt
14, July, 2012
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