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Eyelash-Extensions-Chichester-Radiance-beautyAre you going away on holiday and do not want to be bothered putting Mascara?

  • Are you fed up of putting on Mascara all but the time?
  • You like Mascara but hate removing it?
  • Are your lashes very small?
  • Do you want to have that Gorgeous look?

The various types of Eyelash Extensions are as follows:

Full Set Lashes: This gives a fuller look. These are not cluster lashes. These extensions give a  voluminous look, while still keeping the natural and subtle look. To each individual lash is applied very fine individual lashes anything between 4-6 lashes which are much thinner and fine. It’s just like having your own lashes but lots more of them!  Benefits: The finish of the lashes is much softer and fluffier and because they are so lightweight they look and feel much more like your own lashes. Various curls and lengths of lashes can be applied. Great to cover wide gaps in your natural lashes.

Half Set Lashes: These are historically also called Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions. Here only individual lash is applied to each of your natural lash. Each individual lash is isolated then a new lash is applied from the top of natural lash. As your natural lash grows out the false lash will grow with it and also fall with the fall of natural lash. We recommend in-fills at 2 weeks.

Cluster Lashes: These are NOT Volume lashes or Semi-permanent lashes. A cluster of lashes are applied to sit in top of your lashes. As your natural individual lashes start to grow, these clusters sit several of your lashes and on individual lash. Benefits: These are good for an event when you want lashes for a week or so and do not want to maintain them. It is better to have them removed professionally rather than letting them fall naturally to avoid damage to your natural lashes. Caution: If a cluster falls off then it can lead to a gap between the lashes if there was a gap origina

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Lash Maintenance

How to Look after your Eyelash Extensions?

Correct after care is essential and will help to ensure that your eyelash extensions can last the lifetime of your natural eyelashes.
Before your Lash Extensions appointment:

Remove all eye make-up & clean the lashes with oil free make-up remover
Avoid having mascara
Remove the contact lenses if you wear any
Avoid moisturiser or petroleum based products before your lash application
Avoid curling or perming

First 2 Hours

Do not allow water to come in contact with eyelashes
Avoid rubbing your eyes. If they feel itchy, you can gently dab them but avoid rubbing
Some watering of eyes is quite natural. Happens sometimes and not always. It settles down after an hour or so, if it did happen. This is so as glue hardens

First 2 Days

Avoid exposing the lashes to water, heat or steam, avoid jacuzzi.

At All Times

Avoid rubbing your eyes & eyelashes.
Do not use an eyelash curler.
Be gentle cleansing the eyelash area.
Do not use oil based cleansers, moisturisers.
Be careful when using eye creams.
Many eye make-up removers, cleansers and skin lotions contain chemicals & oils which can degrade the adhesive bond. Please ensure that you do not allow any migration onto your lashes.

How long Eyelash Extensions do they last?

With proper care they can last as long as the remaining lifetime of the natural eyelash the extension is adhered to. Natural eyelashes have a 6 -8 weeks life cycle.
However, as your normal eyelashes shed everyday, and the new lashes keep coming, you would then require the new lashes to have a top up with the eyelash extensions. This is recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain the FAB look!! it is recommended to apply clear coat two or three times a week.

How are Eyelash Extensions they applied?

Individually bonded to your natural eyelash using a special bonding agent by a skilled and professionally trained lash expert technician

Can I wear Mascara?

The only mascaras you can wear are the water-based mascaras. These can be obtained from your lash expert technician.

Can I choose whatever look I want?

This is determined in consultation after assessing the condition & thickness of your own natural lashes, how your eyes are, condition and shape of your eyelids.
I will try to advice you how best to achieve the look you desire. You can then decide which look you want to go for.

Can I wear eye make-up?

YES normal make-up can be worn apart from on the eyelashes. However, be careful that you do not let any make-up migrate onto the lashes.

Can I go swimming?

YES after the first 48 hours of the initial or infill treatment. However, please note that excessive exposure to chlorine will weaken the adhesive bond.

Can I protect my extensions?

YES we advise using i-lash clear protective coating. Applied after your initial treatment and then every 2-3 days thereafter clear coating will help protect the actual adhesive bond from moisture.