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Remy Hair Extensions


Hair extensions can add volume to your thin hair or they can give an instant length and volume to your hair, the results are just remarkable with a wow effect. Be warned, once you have them fitted the improved look and elevated feeling you get are addictive. You feel more confident with enhanced self esteem. Human Hair extensions provide you with a more charming, sexy and glamourous look like celebrities. You can curl, brush, colour (if needed) your hair extensions as normal. Latest is Ombre Hair extensions.

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular and also affordable. You can have them maintained at regular intervals or have a new set fitted to give yourself a changed look after couple of months, choice is yours.

We only use very high quality Premium Remy Human Hair Extensions, which can last up to 6 months if properly care for and maintained.

It is said that the a woman’s crown is her hair. After all appearance is everything and size does matter here as long hair adds to your beauty.

Quality and thickness of Hair Extensions

I use very high quality (Premium) Remy 100% human hair extensions which is suitable for European hair. I try to blend them with your hair.

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There are 5 types or ways of applying PROFESSIONAL Hair Extensions. I do not apply Clip-In Hair Extensions as mostly they can be applied by the clients themselves. These are described as below:


Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded Remy Hair Extensions are the most commonly used type of hair extensions. It is quite common in celebrities. Pre-bonded 100% human individual Remy hair extensions of premium quality are applied to your natural hair. This uses individual Hair strands to apply to your hair.These can be applied either using a Heat connector or an Ultrasonic connector (without heat). These are described below:

HEAT CONNECTOR: Heat connector melts the resin called Keratin at the end of the hair strand. Keratin a protein of which natural hair is made of. Provided, you have looked after your extensions well they should last up to 5 to 6 months. This gives a more natural feeling to you hair and you hardly feel that you had extensions applied.

ULTRASONIC CONNECTOR: Ultrasonic Cold Fusion is the most modern methods of hair extensions application available . It is considered as the GOLD STANDARD in hair extensions as it is more gentle. It is very popular in the celebrities and is offered by various top notch salons all over the world. There is no heat involved but it uses Ultrasonic fusion technology. It is much kinder on clients with thin or baby like hair. Ultrasonic cold fusion involves an applicator which uses ultrasonic wave which melts the keratin bond and attaches the hair extensions. For £20 extra you can choose ultrasonic fusion method as compared to Hot fusion, though Hot fusion is also very popular method.

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Micro-ring Hair Extensions

No Glue, Sewing or braids or chemicals are involved so is quite safe to hair and scalp. This uses individual Hair strands to apply to your hair.

Micro-ring hair extensions technique uses the smallest and most undetectable hair extension technique available, which combines strands of natural hair with the extension hair.

This method has provided a solution to those seeking an alternative to the traditional glue method as a way of attaching hair extensions in a non-damaging way. Strand by strand are applied to your natural hair by clamping a section of natural hair within a ring along side a stick tip hair extension using a micro-ring which has silicone lining inside. They are very popular with first time extension wearers. Not suitable for fine hair.

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WEFT Sew in Braidless (No corn braiding)

Hair Extensions (suitable for European Hair)

This uses WEFT Hair which are applied to your hair.

This sew in weft technique gives a durable fitting without glue or heat, with the added benefit of being able to re-use the wefts to reposition many times. It is suitable more for European hair as it does not cause problems of braided hair which can get tight especially after being wet and several clients I have come across who wanted to get rid of the braided weft as it becomes tight and pulls on their hair, so no such issues with this braidless technique.

This unique application is ideal for many hair types, without the use of tight braids that are often used for sew in techniques. The beaded track of micro rings that replaces the typical braid offers a much flatter position to the scalp, without the uncomfortable, and often damaging, tension of a braid.

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TAPE-IN Hair Extensions

Tape extensions involves using a 4cm wide tape wefts that are applied back to back, with the clients hair sandwiched in between.

Tape-In Hair Extensions is a great way of applying hair extensions that is growing very quickly in popularity.

The method is suitable for all hair types, and adds instant volume and length in less time. The tapes can be readjusted after 6 to 8 weeks by reapplying them with new tapes. You can also change the colour of the tape-in hair extensions and go for a whole new set at 6 – 8 weeks as their prices are less as compared to pre-bonded hair extensions, still giving you full freedom of your hair.

Removal is quick and easy and also safe.

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OMBRE Hair Extensions

Latest trend in Hair Extensions is the Ombre Hair Extensions. It means hair extensions which are generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.

Normally, most of the people have one colour of hair. Quite often it is seen that clients can have various colours of natural hair like various shades of brown or blonde. In such situations you would need more than one colour of hair extensions to be applied to your natural hair to give a well blended and natural look .

If you are looking for having only highlights to your natural hair for any party look or even day-to-day wear, then individual strands of various colours are available which can be chosen after consultation and applied thereafter.

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Hi Angie, I'm loving the tape in hair extensions. They are so much lighter than the weft I had previously. It was a pleasure having the procedure done with you. Thank you for the time and care you took in applying the extensions so well. See you soon for the next session.

Angela Tape In Hair Extensions Chichester 16/07/2017

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