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OMBRE Hair Extensions

ombre_hair_extensionsFrom Cat Walk to Side Walk – Ombre Hair Extensions are a class in their own

Ombre Hair Extensions is a new word in high hair fashion industry. It’s the hair style being flaunted on the catwalks and copied on the high street right across the UK. Supermodels, film stars and fashionists are all sporting these gorgeous two tone looks, and now you can too.

Ombre Hair Extensions means hair extensions with gradual lightening of the hair strand, usually fading from a darker colour near the roots to a lighter one at the ends. Ombre can be very subtle or very striking. The look you want to achieve will depend on the technique and level of lightness.

Please note that fitting time can be up to 3 weeks since consultation.

  • Pre-bonded Ombre Hair Extensions
  • Ultrasonic Cold Fusion Hair Extensions
  • Tape-In Weft Ombre Hair Extensions
  • Sew-In Braid less Weft Ombre Hair Extensions

Advantages of Ombre Hair Extensions

  • Creates stunning Ombre effect without using any chemicals like bleach
  • Amazing Colour Blend
  • Ombre hair extension is different from the traditional ones and it intends to cover more than one color. As now the variety of hairstyles cannot resist the unstopped wave of ombre hair, our extensions can offer you a brilliant option for styling
  • Apart from achieving the voluminous effect, and length to your hair instantly, it can also be applied to create fabulous hairstyles like braids, up-do, bun, fishtail and any other you like
  • Ombre Hair Extensions are perfect if you already have Ombre hair or if you have short hair with one solid colour. With Ombre hair extensions you can always go 1-2 shades lighter for the bottom colour to make your Ombre pop, while still blending, and not appearing like you are wearing hair extensions

Maintenance Ombre Hair Extensions

  • With proper care, regular maintenance these Ombre hair extensions can last for up to 4-6 months as I use premium quality hair
  • Maintenance is recommended every 6 to 8 weeks (maximum) to keep you hair in good condition. During this session your extensions are checked for any tangles, and to see that they are not matted
  • Maintenance involves taking out loose extensions and applying new extensions. You may also need some more extensions as your hair may have grown by now and an additional layer can be applied if needed
  • If client prefers not to keep up with maintenance schedule then they do it at their own risk and I would not be responsible for any damage caused to the hair

Prices OMBRE Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions
Full Head 3.5 hours
100 Strands/ 40pc Tape-In/ 100gm Weft
Half Head 2.5 hours
60 Strands/ 20pc Tape-In/ 60gm Weft
18″ (Bra Strap level) From £209 onwards
Please contact for further details
20″ ( 2 inches below bra strap)
22″ – 24″(2-3″ above tip Elbow)
Removal Only of Hair Extensions £50 (120 min) £30 (75min)
Removal (If also re-applying) £30 (120min) £25 (75min)
Maintenance (6-8 weeks) £30 + £1.25 per new strand applied
*After your free consultation if you would like to proceed with Hair Extensions application, then I need to order them as we do not stock Hair Extensions. There would be an additional charge of £10 to cover the postage for ordering them. For Ombre Hair Extensions Fitting time (after your consultation) is 3 weeks as it is the time hair processing and ordering takes.

*£125 Non-refundable deposit(under any circumstances) is required to order hair extensions, adjusted in the final cost of hair extensions. No refund if you change your mind or cancel for any reason whatsoever including medical as the hair is ordered and supplier will not take it back.

*In case if you have changed your mind after the hair are ordered and are unable to go ahead with hair extensions as discussed at consultation then the hair can be held up to a maximum period of 4 months for you to have them applied. No refunds.

Hi Angie, I'm loving the tape in hair extensions. They are so much lighter than the weft I had previously. It was a pleasure having the procedure done with you. Thank you for the time and care you took in applying the extensions so well. See you soon for the next session.

Angela Tape In Hair Extensions Chichester 16/07/2017

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