If you are looking to host a Henna Party and want to treat your friends with various Henna Tattoo Designs which are Fake Tattoos having various Henna patterns then look no further. Please contact us and provide the details and leave the rest to Angie.

or Henna Tattoo Party for yourself, then please contact me for the best prices.

Please mention:

  • How many ladies are there in the Henna Tattoo party?
  • When is the Henna Tattoo designs party taking place?
  • What Henna patterns are looking for?
  • Any medical issues?
  • How much time you can provide to apply the Henna tattoo designs or Henna patterns for. Normally it can vary from 10-15 min per person to about 20 mins depending upon the design.

Please send your Henna Party related query by filling up the basic information.Angie will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and for filling up the Henna query form.It helps!!

Henna Designs on occasion of Hen Party


Thanks you v much from all of us. Yes the Henna deisgns all came out very well and so very pleased.

Charlotte Bethune

Henna Tattoo


Angie had all the time in the world to discuss exactly what we wanted. We are both thrilled with our Henna Tattoos. Thanks Angie and see you soon!

Beverley Odell
Bognor Regis

Pampering Party at Home


We all had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the various pampering treatments. Being able to have a pamper party at home, especially with such reasonable prices meant that

J Carter