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Nail In-fills & Maintenance
Acrylic Nail Infill, Nail extensions infill

Nail In-fills or Nail maintenance involves filling out the gap between your nail extensions and the cuticle of your finger. A healthy nail grows at the rate of about 3mm/month, hence it creates a gap. This gap needs filling using acrylic nail material also known as acrylic nail in-fills if you have had acrylic nail extensions or gel nail material also known as Gel nail in-fills cured under UV light if you have gel nail extensions.

Regular nail maintenance and nail in-fills of your nail extensions is necessary to avoid the the nail getting lifted up.

Nail in-fills is done at regular intervals of 2 or maximum of 3 weeks as otherwise the nail extensions can start to lift and cause breakage.

  • Pink & White Nail In-Fill £17 
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  • Nail In-fill & Back Fill £20
    This also known as nail rebalancing. Nail In-fill is done and the ends of nail is also filed and reshaped to balance the look of the nail.
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  • Nail Repair Single £4/nail
    If a single nail has become loose or broken and needs repairing at the time of in-fills.
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  • Polish Only £4
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  • Polish Change £6
    More attractive nail art design with extra touch of glitter, rhinestones. Really impressive Nail art.
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  • Cut Down Nails £2
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  • Nail Extensions Removal £20
    Includes filing, nail soak off, mini manicure, cuticle treatment and finishing off with shine of your natural nails. Done professionally.
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  • Removal & Reapply New Set Nail Extensions £42
    Old Nail Extensions are removed and if nail bed allows, then new set of nail extensions are applied Natural or French (please specify)
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