The main purpose of the make-up is to accentuate, client’s best features. Correct application of make-up boost confidence and self esteem. The make-up enhances the appearance of the face, natural beauty, give confidence and gives a super polished appearance.

We use high quality products mainly from ArtDeco used by various celebrities and official make-up brand for Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks.

Day Make-up

Hair-Updo-Radiance-Beauty-Chichester-Hair-StylingDay Make-up is more simple and natural. It involves using light colours that often work well with the day. Nothing more than a concealer, a good foundation, some bronzer or blusher, light eye shadow and a nude lip gloss or even a clear gloss.

Foundation powder goes on lighter and gives skin a natural glow as opposed to liquid foundation. always need to take into consideration the amount of light you will be exposed to. Consider the daylight factor that will be in your environment. 

The more subtle your makeup needs to be or else you will end up looking overdressed. The secret is that the Day Make up should be subtle and balanced, using neutral shades.

It is better to avoid products that have large amounts of shimmer or glitter in them, as these can rub off on clothes and give you a shiny disco ball appearance.

Hence, the purpose of day makeup is to highlight your natural features and at the same time to conceal flaws and blemishes in the skin, and promote a fresh and awake appearance.

Evening Make-up

Evening make-up is a bit more on the dramatic side. It is more suited if you are attending a party or a function where the lights will be dim. It can be bold, drawing attention to yourself. Evening Make-up is perfect for going out on weekends or parties or disco so that you want to be the best looking chic in the room. 

While evening make-up does demand different techniques from daytime, looking glamorous doesn’t involve putting on heavy colours with a trowel. So effectively, evening makeup can be easily over done. Hence, you need an experienced to strike the right balance for this type of make-up.

It involves slightly deeper shade of blush with contouring of the cheek bones, darker and bright eye-shadow, and a darker eye liner.

A bold colour lipstick or coloured gloss will add that extra dazzling look for the night. You can also go for coal eye look making your eyes stand out in the crowd.

When having an eveing make-up, various factors have to be considered like what type of clothes you would be wearing, what time of the year is this for, or what is the occasion for which you would be wearing the evening make-up.

Special Occasion Make-up

Ideal if you are having:

  • Family get together
  • Birthday party
  • Hen parties
  • Holiday time
  • Christmas Eve
  • New year party
  • Special event

Simply amplify your normal tones with a little something special.

Try a sheer gold lipstick or gloss over your normal hue for an added pop that isn’t too audacious.

A light shimmer on your cheekbones over your blush will give you a holiday glow that makes your skin look extra luminous.

Hair Updo and Hair Styling

Hair Updo for a Special occasion is vital. Not only they work well for special occasions and events but also they help to keep the hair out from coming over your face. Hair Styling does not need to be too complex, but it is important whether it suits your face, your style your dress.

If you are having a make-up why not to also have a Hair Styling done professionally by Angie.

Angie is a professional Hair Stylist. She will do a consultation with you to know your requirements and what you like and would try to offer you a Hair design which will suit your personality and the occasion, your dress the best.

A trial hair styling would be recommended to know where things can be further adjusted as per your liking and it can be perfected in the final hair do for that special day. It is always helpful to know as much detail about your hair when communicating before a face 2 face consultation or even to send some of the hair styles you have in mind, and the length of your hair. It minimises the time needed not only for the trial but also avoids any last minute surprises.