Angie provides various beauty treatments for your daughters birthday party. You can alternatively choose to give your daughter a Beauty Makeup and Hair updo Teaching session by Angie, something different as the knowledge and technique may help your growing up daughter.

We provide various exciting beauty treatments which will ensure that the children love and at the same time feel excited and entertained and have memories about the pampering treatments they had.

Prices and Minimum Requirement:

My pricing structure is very simple and reasonable.

  • For Beauty treatments following are some inportant facts to know:
  • At least 3 children (age between 6-12 years) to be in the party. For less than 3 children a charge for 90 mins is still payable.
  • Minimum time of at least 90 minutes is chargeable for £90. During this 90 mins, you can have a maximum of 9 treatments (10 mins for each treatment). If you wish to have more treatments beyond 90 mins (10 mins (£10) / treatment) then it is charged separately.
  • If there are 3 children in the group, then each of them can have 3 treatments of 10 mins each (as an example) or any combination.
  • Alternatively, why not try to give your daughter (suitable for 12 years of age and above) something different? Try to have a Makeup or Hair up-do teaching lessons for your children. Minimum for 2 children giving each of them a 30 mins session of Beauty Make-up or Hair updo.
  • TRAVEL CHARGE: There is £10 travel charge for Saturdays/Sundays mostly if the venue is within 4 miles radius from postcode PO19 6SE. During weekdays, this can be more. For distances farther than 4 miles please email or call to discuss.

Beauty Treatments Available

Teaching Lessons – Hair/Makeup

You can also choose to have a Make-up or Hair up-do teaching lessons for the girls. Prices are for a minimum of 1 hour which includes either doing 1 to 1 teaching of Hair (30mins) or Makeup (30mins) on at least 2 girls.

Teaching can be 2 Makeup’s or Hair up-do’s lessons or 1 Make up and 1 Hair up-do lesson.

For more girls or for treatment for more than an hour it would be charged £30 extra for every 30 mins or for extra person.

Terms and Conditions Children Birthday Party Treatments (Girls only)

  • At least 3 children(for Beauty Treatments option) or 2 children (Beauty Makeup/Hair updo option) are required in a party.
  • A deposit of £20, if you want to book for the party. If cancelled within 24 hours of booking by paying a deposit, the deposit is fully refundable. After this the deposit is non-refundable. A provisional booking will be made and full confirmation will be made after the full payment is received.
  • Full Payment is required at least 2 weeks before the start of the party. Please ask for details about making the payment.
  • If cancelled 48 hours before the start of the party, then 50% of the total cost of the full party payment is still chargeable.
  • If cancelled less than 48 hours before the start of the party then no refund is paid (under any circumstances).
  • If any child drops out from the Beauty Treatments group, then min of 90 minutes of treatment cost £90 will still be charged. If the child is from the Beauty Makeup/Hair updo lesson and drops out, then it will still be charged.This can be either less than 48 hours before the party start date or on the day of the party.
  • There is a travel charge of £10 within 4 miles radius of post code PO19 6SE.
  • Deposit of £20 can be paid by Bank Transfer or Cash or PayPal (please contact me for details) and the balance to be paid by Bank Transfer or Cash (at least 2 weeks in advance).

Children Birthday Party

“Angie came to our house to do a beauty party for my step-daughter’s 13th Birthday. They had mini facials, manicures, pedicures and henna tattoos. It was fantastic, Angie was friendly, professional and excellent value. The girls thought she was great! Angie also threaded my eyebrows and I’m very pleased with the result and will be going to see her again”

Jo Taylor
14, June, 2012
Bognor Regis

Pampering Treatments by Angie

“We all had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the various pampering treatments. Being able to have a pamper party at home, especially with such reasonable prices meant that all of my family was able to come and get involved in my family hen do,this was brilliant. All the ladies said how relaxed they felt with you, and how much they enjoyed their treatments. For me it was a rare treat to be able to have a facial that did not cause problems with my overly sensitive skin – the Dermalogica Facial will no doubt become a regular treat now! All in all we had a great time, so thank you very much!”

24, August, 2010
Bognor Regis

Pampering Party at Home

We all had a brilliant time and really enjoyed the various pampering treatments. Being able to have a pamper party at home, especially with such reasonable prices meant that

J Carter
14, August, 2010
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