Angie provides various beauty treatments for your daughters birthday party. You can alternatively choose to give your daughter a Beauty Makeup and Hair updo Teaching session by Angie, something different as the knowledge and technique may help your growing up daughter.

We provide various exciting beauty treatments which will ensure that the children love and at the same time feel excited and entertained and have memories of the pampering treatments they had.

Prices and Minimum Requirement:

My pricing structure is very simple and reasonable.

  • Beauty treatments following are some important facts to know:
  • At least 3 children (aged between 6-12 years) are to be at the party. For less than 3 children a charge for 90 mins is still payable.
  • A minimum time of at least 90 minutes is chargeable for £90. During these 90 mins, you can have a maximum of 9 treatments (10 mins for each treatment). If you wish to have more treatments beyond 90 mins (10 mins (£10) / treatment) then it is charged separately.
  • If there are 3 children in the group, then each of them can have 3 treatments of 10 mins each (as an example) or any combination.
  • Makeup or Hair up-do teaching lessons: alternatively, why not try to give your daughter (suitable for 12 years of age and above) something different? Minimum charge of £70 for 60 mins lesson which may include 30 mins of Hair updo and 30mins of Makeup lesson. In case of more girls or for lessons lasting more than 60 mins it would be charged at £35 extra for every 30 mins.
  • TRAVEL CHARGE: There is small travel charge.

Beauty Treatments for Children

  • At least 3 children(for Beauty Treatments option) or 2 children (Beauty Makeup/Hair updo option) are required in a party.
  • A deposit of £20, if you want to book for the party. If cancelled within 24 hours of paying a deposit, the deposit is fully refundable. After this the deposit is non-refundable. 
  • If cancelled less than 48 hours before the start of the party then no refund of deposit is given (under any circumstances).
  • If any child drops out from the Beauty Treatments group, then min of 90 minutes of treatment cost £90 will still be charged. If the child is from the Beauty Makeup/Hair updo lesson and drops out, then it will still be charged.
  • Deposit of £20 can be paid by Bank Transfer or Cash (please contact me for details) and the balance to be paid by Cash on the day of the event.