Spray Tanning is perfect for the natural healthy bronzed look if you are going for holiday, special occasions like marriages or celebrating your birthday. There is NO ORANGE discoloration with the Spray Tan.

I use the latest Fast Tan so that you do not have to wait for hours and hours for the Tan to develop. This can be as quick as 1 hour for light tan. Please see After Spray Tan Advice for further guidance how to get your desired shade.

You can get various shades of Spray Tan depending upon your skin.

  • A Glow look (Light) Spray Tan
  • Back from holiday look (Medium) Spray Tan
  • Honey colour (Medium to Dark) Spray Tan
  • Really Dark Spray Tan

The shade of the Spray Tan can be discussed or chosen when booking online.
The Spray tan lasts between 5-7 days depending upon your life style and
post-tan maintenance.

Full Body Spray Tanning

  • Non orange Spray Tan.
  • Golden Hue with lovely back from holiday look
  • Need to exfoliate before.

Half Body Spray Tanning

  • Non orange Spray Tan.
  • Golden Hue with lovely back from holiday look
  • Need to exfoliate before.

Never Had Spray Tan or Not Sure if allergic £ FREE (10 mins)

Full Body Spray Tan £22 (30 mins)
Half Body Spray Tan £16 (20 mins)
Get 2 Full Body Spray Tan SAVE £4 Total Cost £40 (45 mins)
  • DO NOT moisturise
  • DO NOT apply deodorant or perfume and remove all make-up prior to tanning.
  • Exfoliate & shower the night before tanning.
  • If needed then shave wax at least 24 hours before tanning.
  • Wear dark loose clothes (for example not to wear jeans) after Spray tan to avoid staining.
  • Bring flip-flop or loose shoes for after the tanning.
  • Not suitable for people with respiratory problems or within first 3 months of pregnancy.
  • A patch test is required at least 24 hours before the tanning. It helps to give you an idea about the shade of the Spray Tan which will come out and if needed you can adjust the time, the Spray Tan stays on your body before washing it out. If there is any reaction they will not be able to have the treatment.
  • Leave the tan as follows before you wash it off:
    • Light Tan: up to 2 – 3 hours.
    • Medium up to 3 – 4 hours.
    • Medium to Darkish Tan: up to 4 -6 hours.
  • Skin shade will take about 24-48 hours to fully develop and come out. So don’t panic after first shower which only washes the ”GUIDE BROWN COLOUR”. It will still need time to develop fully as the DHA ingredient interacts with the skin to give a proper shade. When it meets your skin, a natural reaction takes place – melanoids are created that stain the colour of your skin to a darker shade.
  • Please also remember that the shade of the Spray Tan also depends upon your skin type/tone. The shade of the Spray Tan may vary for different skin types.
  • Do not do excessive exercise, perspire or get wet immediately after tan as it will affect the finish result.
  • Avoid swimming as it can fade your tan because of chlorine in the water.
  • Pat dry your skin after the shower and do not rub skin too harshly.
  • If leaving the spray tan overnight, use dark colour bed sheet & pillow cover to avoid staining.
  • Moisturise daily to extend the tan.
  • Start to lightly exfoliate lightly after 4-5 days to encourage even fading.
  • If a tan has been done later in the evening, then it is recommended to  wear loose sock in the hands during the first night to refrain from accidental staining of palms during sleep.

Love my Tan

Thank you for yesterday i love my tan i feel more confident now x

Nicola Kent
16, July, 2021

I like the Tan

The Spray tan was fabulous and is really really good

J Guilfoyle
2, July, 2021

Really Natural Spray tan


Thanks a lot for the Spray Tan. The tan looks great, really natural. Thanks very much 🙂

Samantha Easson
4, September, 2019

Very Natural Spray Tan

Natural Spray tan Chichester

Thank you Angie, the Spray Tan was great! I got lots of comments as my Tan looked so natural. I have thoroughly recommended you. Thank you 🙂

Lisa Brewster
26, June, 2019
Chichester, West Sussex

Great Spray Tan


I had Spray Tan done by Angie. It came out really well thanks! I’m very pleased with the result. I left it for about 2 hour 45min in the end and it’s a great colour! I was nervous for my first time and Angie was so friendly and reassuring that put me right at ease!

6, June, 2019
Tangmere, Chichester

Perfect Spray Tan Colour

Angie is very friendly and invested in  making sure her clients are happy with their results! I got a great Spray Tan that came out even and beautiful!

Kathleen DeWitt
19, May, 2019
Southbourne, UK

Spray Tanning

“Amazing lovely women and a perfect spray tan will definitely go there again!!”

Courtney Cooper
7, July, 2018

Spray Tan (Fast tan)

The Tan was lovely and looked really natural. Next morning just perfect colour. Thanks Angie

Annie Gibson
15, June, 2018

Spray Tan

I had Spray Tan done by Angie. It came out to be a good level colour :). People said I look like I have come back from a week away holiday break.

Helen Corcoran
15, June, 2018

Spray Tans

Natural Spray tan Chichester

We have both woken up with lovely and brown Tan. The colour is perfect!

Olivia & Holly
14, June, 2018
Bognor Regis


I absolutely love my Spray Tans by Angie. They have gone up from Medium to a Dark-medium colour and I’am absolutely delighted with the whole process and the colour lasts for a very long time. Having the Spray Tan,  Angie makes me feel comfortable every session. Thanks Zoe x

Zoe Cook
10, February, 2017

Lovely Spray Tan

Lovely colour of Spray Tan. Thanks

Anna Whitty
29, June, 2016

Spray tan

Lovely colour of the Spray Tan!!

Susan Thorpe
8, October, 2015

Spray Tan

Summer 2015 – The Spray Tan was the perfect colour and lasted very well for my holiday, was a good base colour.

1, August, 2015
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